The XIV traditional meeting of entrepreneurs from all over the world
Tanzania & Zanzibar 18 – 25 october 2018
Прокачай себя и свой бизнес
на самом загадочном континенте планеты
100+ entrepreneurs from all over the world
4 days at a new point on the world map
The phenomenon among the events for business
● Top experts in practice
● Networking "Everyone with Everyone"
● Hangouts in the circle of active entrepreneurs
80% of participants visit
two and more times
Look how it was last time!
Get hundreds of useful contacts, find partners, investors and friends in an environment where people open up in a completely new way
We have already been in Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Spain, UAE, France ...

Next is Tanzania

Increase profits with a powerful
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Business Fusion Africa Topic
Workshop "Personal brand. Activation Instructions"

- Why is it necessary for every professional?

- How to monetize a personal brand?

- 4 stages for creating a personal brand;

- How understand if you have a personal brand?
Maria Azarenok
Practical master class "The lifestyle of a personal brand. How to create your selling image"

- How to start cooperate with luxury brands and reasons why you should/should not do it?

- How does your image in social networks monetize your brand?

- Influence marketing
Maxim Sapozhnikov
Владелец такой то компании
"How a personal brand influences profit, hiring personnel and reducing costs"

- Infrastructure and optimization of business through a personal brand;

- Delegation, management and costs of HR - how do they change?

- Sales and offers attraction.
Ekaterina Azizova
Training "Public performances and acting skills. Why does your brand need that?"

- How to become the speaker of major conferences due to its expertise?

- Acting is not an actor. How does it affect the effectiveness of a personal brand?
Speaker to be announced
Take and implement
from top experts
A popular Youtube business

Channel number 1 in the runet
on the theme of a personal brand. More than 86,000 subscribers and more than 4.8 million views;

4000+ students are in online
training AzarenokPRO;

The author of the podcast "Be a Brand";
In 2017, with a advertising budget of 195,000 rubles, the company grew in 5 times and now it is in the top 5 market leader;

The company launched federal advertising campaigns for Volkswagen Group Rus, Baltika, Sony, Jonson & Jonson, Wimm Bill Dann, PepsiCo.
A popular fashion and lifestyle blogger;

Cooperates with Vogue, Tatler, GQ, Glamor; Art Director and Producer; President of Business Fusion.
Day 1
● Personal brand in digital and business with Maria Azarenok

● Practical application of a personal brand in business by Ekaterina Azizova
October 18th
Day 2
  • Lifestyle and Influence marketing for business with Maxim Sapozhnikov

  • Public speaking and acting skills

  • MyBusiness.Community Networking game
October 19
Day 3
● Jeep in the savannah of the national "Serengeti Giant Park" with the five largest animals in Africa;

● Night at the lodges - hotel in the form of an ancient Aboriginal dwelling.
day 1 SAFARI*
The 20th of October
* professional and best in Africa organizers of safaris, which we managed to find
Day 4
  • Ngorongoro volcano crater - green corner with the largest density of animals in Africa per m2;

  • Flocks of pink flamingos on a local lake (possibly);

  • Masai village with a traditional way of life; The big closing party Africa style.
October 21
Authoring networking "everyone with everyone"
The experience of hundreds of such events is collected on Business Fusion, so you are guaranteed to get acquainted with each participant, get useful contacts, find partners and new ideas for business.
What is included:
● Training program October 18-19: training of all experts;

● Accommodation at Mount Meru 5 * hotel with a view of Mount Kilimanjaro 18-20, October 21-22 (double occupancy); Accommodation in the lodges during a safari on October 20-21 (double occupancy);

● Kilimanjaro Group Transfer <-> Arusha City to the hotel «Mount Meru»;

● 2-day jeep Safari in the Serengeti National Park; Overnight at the safari lodge on October 20-21 (2-bed accommodation); Visiting the crater of Ngorongoro volcano and Masaev village; Field trips of national parks throughout the program of the route; Breakfast at the time of the program.

● Closing party in Africa style.
— No problem, it's possible with a small surcharge, ask the manager.
— I want a single accommodation.
— Buy the medicine on the spot, because they are more effective.
About malaria:
Use quality repellents (with DETA 20-30%). You can use drugs to prevent malaria: Malarone, Doxycycline, Lariam, etc. Be sure to consult a doctor, these potent drugs can cause serious side effects.
— Insect repellent and malaria prophylaxis.
— You can use Tanzanian shilling, but also dollars. Credit cards are accepted in hotels and large institutions, but it is better to have cash. Make sure that your bank card can be used abroad.
— What currency can I pay with and can I use a credit card?
— It is possible, but it is not recommended to go with children under 3 years. Cost of participation for a child check with manager.
— Can I come with children?
— It is recommended to vaccinate against yellow fever no later than 10 days before departure. If there is less time left, it should not be done.
There is no vaccination against malaria. The chance to meet with a malarial mosquito is 0.0022%.
— What vaccinations are needed?
— light and warm clothes, a shirt with a long sleeve; sunglasses, hat or baseball cap; swimsuit, sneakers; a cure for motion sickness (when you need it), repellents, sunscreen from 40 SPF.
— What should I take on safari?
— This is the end of the drought season. Temperature, ℃: + 29-32 in the afternoon, +21 at night, water temperature +24.
— What is the weather there?
Any questions?
● Workshops with experts Business Fusion in a narrow circle and the possibility of individual business analysis;

● Quest for Zanzibar with a visit to the famous island of giant turtles Prison Island;

● Luxurious hotel Dream of Zanzibar 5 * on the beach of the north-east coast;

● Hangout with members of the international Business-Hackaton team MyBusiness.Community.
For those who wants to take a maximum
of business travel
October 22 - 26
Leave the application and we will send you a check-list "4 stages of self-creation of a personal brand" from the expert Business Fusion Maria Azarenok
● Business and training program in Tanzania;

● 2-day safari;

● Accommodation at Mount Meru Hotel 5 *;

● Kilimanjaro Group Transfer <-> Mount Meru Hotel.
until 15.09.18
2445 $
● Business and training program in Tanzania;

● 2-day safari;

● Accommodation at Mount Meru Hotel 5 *;

● Kilimanjaro Group Transfer <-> Mount Meru Hotel

● VIP program in Zanzibar (including flights)
until 15.09.18
3435 $
2050 $
3040 $
Tanzania 18 – 21 october 2018
Tanzania & Zanzibar 18 – 26 october 2018
Escape out from your daily routine to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of inspiration and the environment of active entrepreneurs from all over the world
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